Storytelling Technologies

My name is OOF and motuALIS is my company dedicated to designing, developing and researching ways to bring technology, the World Wide Web, and humanity's stories to individuals without restriction or infringement. I aim to create methods that allow each human being to connect, socialize and experience each other with minimal intervention from external entities. My vision is for a world wide web that is human-centric, boundless and filled with stories showcasing the breadth of humanity.

Being in the position of helping others to create on the web, I've established a set of principles that drive me as I work on digitizing humanity's stories.

The Web is a Place of Freedom

Humans do not differ much from one another, but in the areas they do differ that difference is powerful. Since the web is the dominant platform for human expression, the web should remain a free environment capable of showcasing the nuances of humanity. Freedom is a natural right gifted to every human at birth and while we are a part of structures that restrict freedoms in exchange for certain comforts and securities, the World Wide Web should be a place where freedom remains uninhibited.

Digital Ownership is Powerful

Humans create. We build and use the things we build to define ourselves. Ownership over these creations is paramount to establishing personal and communal identity. Today, we create more frequently on the web than in any other environment so we should gain and maintain ownership over our digital creations as we would any other tangible creation.

The Web is Communal

While our creations on the web should be valued, the web itself is a communal resting place for all stories and information. Gatekeepers of general access to information on the web act against the intentions of the web and actions of the global digital community. The potential of the World Wide Web is to be an ecosystem that represents and connects all of humanity.

Individuality and Independence Over All

The web is a place to express ones individuality and a place where one can gain and utilize digital independence. Web users should have access to tools for digital expression and should be able to create independently and easily without any barriers outside of the ones necessary for accessing the web itself. We need to create a future where the web is as easy to use as picking up a pen and paper.

motuALIS currently offers web creation services for individuals and small businesses through feathermode, a web creation agency with a process dedicated to providing web platforms visually reflect the story, perform well, reach the right audiences and scale to new heights as the story deepens.